Updating a gold frame

The fireplace wasn’t even something they had thought of me working on, but the moment I walked in, it was SCREAMING for some DIY love from me. Your paint mix will be really thin, so you’ll want the rag in hand to catch any drips.Brush your paint mix on a 1×1 area and then immediately use your rag to rub it deeply into the brick and then remove any excess.And, I just have to add, that only only is Mandy one of my very favorite people in the entire world, she’s all a rockin’ sponsor of this very blog!!She’s our Thirty-One Gift’s Consultant and hooks up our readers for all kinds of giveaways and deals! The red wall shelves were found at Goodwill for each. The golf print has been hanging out in the attic for quite a few years. Almost all of these frames are meant to be used as tabletop frames. I hammered a claw wall hanger onto the back of each frame before painting.



The grout can be a tad sandy, so you’ll definitely need to vacuum when you’re done. Thankfully, this paint is awesome and doesn’t require more than one solid coat.

This will make the process of matching the frames back up with the proper photo much easier after painting. You can also add a tiny bit of the dark wax to your clear wax and complete this in one step.



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