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Browse to the directory of the downloaded Adobe Flash . As you can see in the picture below, the Application Information successfully imported from the windows installer (Native) file, Click Next.. The Success Page shows that the application has been created, you may now close the Create Application Wizard.

The next screen provides the opportunity to enter in additional information about the Application, the Name and Installation program fields are filled in with information within the . If additional command line switches are needed this is where you enter them. Now the Adobe Flash update application is ready for Deployment.

See if this helps Automatic updates | Acrobat, Reader https://helpx.adobe.com/acrobat/kb/a...I would also uncheck Adobe items in your startups if its still checked in OK it’s your decision but why is it so annoying? I disabled the Adobe Updater service using (I'd like to remove it entirely from the services list - do you know how? I also made sure that it was deleted from the task scheduler using Auto Runs.

Mine are set to notify me and it doesn’t happen very often and I want to beep it updated especially for security reasons cmptrgy, thanks for replying. "If you decide to change these options in the future, they are available in the Preferences settings, under Updater (choose Edit Preferences, I have no Updater option, so this solution does not exist for me.




Alternatively, if you are using SCUP you can download the catalog and assign the flash update.

In Configuration Manager 2012, go to Software Library, Applications, Create Application..



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