Updating adobe air applications

There seems to be no way to change where to look, so you're going to have to symlink the Adobe AIR runtime provided with the SDK to the default location that binaries follow: , which is dirty but there seems to be no way around this for now.Another problem you'll run into is that whenever the AIR runtime starts a process, it'll check whether you have accepted the EULA, something that is not included with the SDK.On Windows, add a DWORD value named Update Disabled to the HKey_Local_Machine\Software\Policies\Adobe\AIR registry key, and set the value to 1.Download and run the AIR Settings Manager application and use the toggle button to Enable or Disable auto-updates as desired.The AIR Settings Manager application is available for download at Manager/Settings Since it can't determine that you did, it then tries to run the Adobe AIR Updater, which is ALSO not included in the SDK runtime, causing the binary to fail and hang.To avoid this you're going to have to manually accept the EULA.

Warning: By creating the following file you are most likely accepting the Adobe AIR End User License Agreement.

Make sure to read this agreement, and do not perform this work-around if you do not agree with it.



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