Updating asus linux

There is also a rapid storage utility software that you can use to monitor the drives and your RAID array if you have one, but I don't see a reason to install the utility and driver if you aren't running a RAID array.4) Ethernet, you definitely want and wireless too if your mobo has an integrated wireless adapter5) No harm at all, besides, those kind of SATA ports tend to play nicer when hooked to an e SATA adapter ime6) In my opinion, just don't bother isntalling.

In the past, those were known for potentially bricking Asus mobos.

I often see the same silliness with calling it "BT wireless" or some such name.

I think the Wi Fi-only driver is for other Z87 motherboards that don't have BT5.

Shouldn't be necessary, but might come in handy if you intend of using whatever feature it's for.6.

This is similar to t he Windows 8 "Connected Standby".3. RST effectively improves HDD performance by using a small SSD as a buffer/cache/datathingy.4a. I think the Intel LAN gives you a few extra features that you might not need, but they won't interfere with your everyday tasks.4b.

Both, since one is for Wi Fi and the other BT+Wi Fi.



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