Updating bind serial numbers automatically redhat


When a DNS change is made, it takes time for the rest of the Internet to notice.Some examples of such these changes are updating the IP address of a server, updating your MX record to host your email at a new location, or adding a new website.Many internet service providers (ISPs) ignore TTL settings, and check external DNS records on their own schedule.For the most part, there is no need to change your TTL.


If your DNS TTL setting is 12 hours, your DNS records will be cached for 12 hours before they expire and the new information takes effect.For example, you may want to change it to 3600 (1 hour).It takes 12-24 hours for the new DNS changes to take effect.Please note that even if you change the TTL for your domain name, this does not automatically mean every network across the Internet will honor this value.

However, if you know that you will be making a big DNS change soon, and you want the changes to take effect quickly, you may want to change your TTL ahead of time.At least 24 hours ahead of time, update your TTL to a shorter value.



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