Updating bios shuttle mvc validating models


With Intel chip-sets, to get into the BIOS after fully enabling Fast Boot you usually need to turn the system off, and then hold your power button to turn it on an temporarily skip/disable the Fast boot. I also held the reset button while doing so (not sure if that affected it).

After it booted, I kept pressing the del key and viola!

The Fail-Safe settings allow the motherboard to boot up with the least amount of options set.

This can lessen the probability of conflicting setting It's running AMI Bios 2.14.1219 (Release Date: 2013/04/10 Checksum: 14EFh) Edit: To clarify, the Ami Screen only shows for a split second, then goes right into "Reboot and Select proper Boot device" (the hdd is a new disk, I just need to boot to usb) That Shuttle model has an H67-based Intel motherboard. Oddly, I held the power in until it shut down again.

I've tried using F8 for the Step-by-Step boot, but that just lets thesystem rip through the test and config screens before stopping at a DOS command screen.

I still don't get to see any informationdisplayed on those two screens.


Iknow that the version number is supposed to be displayed on the Bootup Memory Test screen (the screen with the Energy Star), but this screenzips by so quickly that I can never pause it in time to get theversion number.

Does anyone know of a way to pause the bootup processand go through it step-by-step so I can see the version I have?



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