Updating blackberry 8830 os Naughty late night chat rooms

Want to edit Microsoft Excel files on your Black Berry smartphone?Visit the Data Viz website to register with Data Viz and download an update for Documents To Go that includes Sheet To Go.(You can check the availability of your Blackberry on this liek here: https:// I had learned that you could use the version of the software available from Rogers Wireless and the upgrade would still work great even on the AT&T / Cingular network.There were some rumors that there might be problems with Blackberry Enterprise Servers (BES) like the one my device ran on, so I held out.

I had been thinking about it for a couple of months. The new features and upgrades to the version 4.2 of the Blackberry operating system by RIM were extremely attractive.

In fact, I had loathed this 4.0 operating system on my Blackberry -- frequent locks, problems with the GPS, no HTML email, the list went on and on.

Remote Search Find emails that are stored on a Black Berry® Enterprise Server.

Attachments and Files Edit Microsoft® Word and Microsoft Power Point Files – Just download the attachments and start typing! Download and Save Grab a file on the Internet, and save it to your smartphone to view or edit later.


At least it worked relatively well with all the email, contacts, and calendaring needs that I had -- so I lived with it.Still, I had been really tempted to upgrade to the OS version 4.5 of the Blackberry -- even though it was not "authorized" by AT&T.



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