Updating clearcase checkin comments

Other team members can then see who has the file out and why.When you check the file back in this text will be presented as the default ci change description, which you can override.Rob at vectorscm dot com), and Sean Egan (sean at cm-logic dot com) Version 1.6 - 02/25/2003 Apache Ant provides several optional tasks for working with Clear Case.These tasks correspond to various Clear Case commands using the Cleartool program.Cleartool will prompt for a comment if you do not use the third format to supply one.Although you may not be used to providing a description of the changes at checkout time ot is good practice to enter the reason you are checking out the file.

and it is a defect in the tool that this command is not implemented. pwd to make sure you are in the right directory at the shell level. Exit cleartool to the shell to rm/delete the temporary file.Instead, you will have to do a tap dance to get the version you want in your view: #1. Using a tmp_name will help ensure that you don't screw up and delete the atria archive file by mistake!



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