Updating cpanel

Update Preferences.” This interface allows you to define how your server performs software updates and upgrades.

Here we can configure the following things: Here you can select different release tiers for the c Panel software update.

But two major enhancements are worth describing here: Greylisting can greatly reduce the amount of spam you get by temporarily declining new messages from unrecognised senders and asking the sending server to try again in a few minutes.

Other than a short delivery delay the first time someone new emails you, it’s generally unnoticeable.

We’re happy to announce that we have updated c Panel to version 11.50 on all our shared hosting servers.

Version 11.50 brings many new features and bug fixes, all of which you can read about here if you’re so inclined.


The same as I mentioned above 🙂 This feature defines how you wish to update the Apache Spam Assassin rules.For more details, please read this The same can be done via CLI (command line interface).



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