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For these reasons what follows will necessarily be somewhat heavy on explanatory text, but you do need to be aware from the very beginning that the Fixer is not the sort of product where you simply run an automated install and that’s it: yes, there is an automated installer, but you need to know more, and to do more — hence the need for the following explanations (which will also include the stuff that I wish had been able to read before I installed the Fixer, incidentally).But first, to save you the possible frustration of reading through all this only to discover that for one reason or another you are not a potential customer for the Fixer, here is a very brief summary of what I consider to be the essential things which you need to have, and to be aware of, before you can run it — the explanations of what lies behind these items will be found in the rest of the review. You obviously need a DX10-compatible graphics card. An FSX installation which is capable of running in DX10 preview mode.Direct X incorporates elements such as Direct Draw Acceleration, Direct3D Acceleration, and AGP Texture Acceleration which allow your applications (such as fsx) to use the hardware acceleration provided by your video card.(Direct X also incorporates Direct Play and Direct Sound which interface with your sound card).I can’t, for example, show you side-by-side screenshots of DX9 and then DX10 views in fsx, since reducing the pics to the resolution needed for inclusion here will remove the detail which you would need to see.


For what it’s worth, my understanding at the time of writing is that Shade and Sweet FX will work, but that the ENB series mod was apparently coded for DX9, so that having its d3d9in the fsx directory will cause a crash in DX10 mode.Also, FYI, Sweet FX might require you to add the full fsx directory path to your statement for Sweet FX_So allow me, therefore, to begin by explaining a few essential terms (if you are already aware of this stuff, then please feel free to skip ahead), also mentioning a little of the relevant simming history.Buried somewhere in what follows is a review of Steve’s DX10 Fixer.

But Steve’s DX10 Fixer (henceforth referred to here as simply “the Fixer”) is an unusual product — and so this has to be an unusual review, too.

Every version of Windows from Windows 98 onwards includes Direct X, so hopefully you shouldn’t have to do anything special to get it.



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