Updating file author attribute with vb

These elements must appear within a The case-insensitive package identifier, which must be unique across or whatever gallery the package will reside in.IDs may not contain spaces or characters that are not valid for a URL, and generally follow . See Choosing a unique package identifier for guidance. However, the schema files contained within it are older versions applicable to Nu Get 2.0 and earlier.Either way you'll get a view like the one below (when mostly expanded): Although the following elements are the minimum requirements for a package, you should consider adding the optional metadata elements to improve the overall experience developers have with your package.The tokens have the same names as the MSBuild properties, making it possible to select files to be included depending on the current build configuration.For example, if you use the following tokens in the element explicitly specifies the assemblies that the target project should reference when using the package.When this element is present, Nu Get will add references to only the listed assemblies; it will not add references for any other assemblies in the package's Explicit reference are typically used for design-time only assemblies.

For a clear visual representation of the schema, open the schema file in Visual Studio in Design mode and click on the XML Schema Explorer link, or open the file as code, right-click in the editor, and select Show XML Schema Explorer.

The most up-to-date schema file is best obtained from the Git Hub repository.



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