Updating fstab


The fstab file is read by the command to modify that structure. The fstab file typically lists all available disk partitions and other types of file systems and data sources that are not necessarily disk-based, and indicates how they are to be initialized or otherwise integrated into the larger file system structure.noexec might be useful for a partition that contains no binaries, like /var, or contains binaries you do not want to execute on your system, or that cannot even be executed on your system, as might be the case of a Windows partition.


However, some administration tools can automatically build and edit fstab, or act as graphical editors for it, such as the Kfstab graphical configuration utility available for KDE.Modern Linux systems use udev as an automounter to handle the hot swapping of devices (such as MP3 players or digital cameras) instead of relying on fstab.



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