Updating i phone

Apple has evidently decided that quaint functions like menus and playlists were obsolete and stripped the last vestiges of the classic i Tunes view out of the application.

Yesterday, Apple released i OS 9.1, its first major point update to i OS 9.

Apple typically takes a few months to put a coat of polish on its major updates, and this one is dropping unusually quickly — as the chart below shows, i OS 9.1 spent much less time in beta then any OS update since 8.1.

Resetting the device and clearing data hadn’t solved the problem, and while I don’t upgrade to the first version of any operating system, I figured 9.1 would be a decent test case.

Upgrading to i OS 9.1 was painless, though there were a few snags along the way.


After jumping through the usual hoops of clearing enough space on the phone and backing it up, I was prompted to install the latest version of Apple’s i Tunes.i Tunes has been getting steadily worse for years, and the latest version ( is no exception.



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