Updating intellisense visual studio 2016

Why do I have this problem, and what can I do to fix it?

I have resharper installed too, but it seems it's not the problem in my case.

Code suggestions are disabled also (method parameters for example).

I think the problem is with the VS installation, because at the end of the process the following message is shown: "The event log file is full".

in the end, it seems VS12 doesn't activate intellisense by default (you need to use CTRL+Space to get autocomplete and code suggestions).

I had to enable it from the Tools-This is fairly common when you're on a trial version of resharper and the trial runs out.



I assume R# turns these settings off and replaces it with the R# version, so when R# goes away, so does any kind of code completion.I wish there was a better solution to this problem, but this is the only thing that seems to work.



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