Updating jscript intellisense hang

It took me retyping the line to suddenly discover I had mistyped it.

Even worse, I copy-pasted the line two more times to include some other scripts. I think I need to find a new editor that does code completion.

Bundles and tab triggers basically change your life. Oh and good luck with the hunt for a decent code-complete-able text editor. I'm currently working with Aptana, but it's so slow and unresponsive..

Cheers, Jay @Nate Klaiber: I currently use Ultraedit. I've been playing with Aptana but it doesn't have the text editing capabilities I need.

I use Dreamweaver for bulk HTML production but it's too heavy for light-weight text editing. One of my web dev heroes isn't on a Mac, and uses Ultraedit?

I tried E and didn't mind it but my trial has expired and I didn't try it enough to make the jump to actually paying for a license. My respect-o-meter jumps up a notch for his being so loyal to what he is comfortable with, even if it's not what all the cool kids are using. Cargo-culting Text Mate-running fanboy :) Have you tried Vim 7?

I found it pretty configurable and extensible when I played with it. Nearly all of my Windows-using dev colleagues are hooked on it, and at they're happy to buy a license. So it should be obvious when things are of the wrong color.


In many ways I feel like a dinosaur in this industry sticking to my antiquated text editors. To make things complete, I'm using Zend Studio for the PHP Development, a real pleasure as it even autocompletes home brew classes (if documented properly) :-) Actually just helped a friend who was having problems with his script this weekend.Dreamweaver CS3 in Code View suits my JS & CSS needs thanks to its clever intellisense (viz. He also uses a text editor to code and was confused because his script wasn't throwing any errors but also wasn't working.



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