Updating k850i

Cheers again, I'll bow out now mate, have a good weekend.Your phone will work better than ever and it will have more features. Remember, this is the official program by Sony Ericsson to update your mobile phone. That will tell you whether there is newer firmware out there soon enough Selene ------ It's the so called normal guys who always let you down.Sony Ericsson phones are becoming more and more popular and you usually see people using them, not only because of their price but also due to the features and optimum performance.If you own a Sony Ericsson phone and you want to keep it up to date, you can download Sony Ericsson Update Service and install the latest official software for your phone.It sounds difficult, but you'll realize it is extremely easy.you only have to choose your model and the program will detect the latest software for ti, connect the phone to the computer and start updating it.Just "SEUSED" my non branded or locked, completely generic one & it still tells me I can update from a K850 to a K858 (? I shall direct my ire & jealousy elsewhere for tody then lol.



Yes, becuase phones, exactly as computers are updated.

Developers add more things and features to their mobile devices, and now you can update the software of yours thanks to this lite application.



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