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You can unselect Cricut Imagine updates before proceeding with the updates to your Gypsy device.The overarching goal of Core OS is to secure the Internet's backend infrastructure.If your machine will not complete the update to the latest firmware version, you might have to perform a "Forced Firmware Update".Firmware updates may take anywhere from 20-45 minutes for the Imagine and Expression 2, and about 5-20 mins for the Gypsy, depending on the speed of your internet connection.The Imagine, Expression 2, and Gypsy machines may require periodic firmware updates to add content and improve performance.Firmware updates for these machines is done through a web-based computer program called Cricut Sync.The main goal behind this strategy is to allow for an update to be applied to a cluster quickly, without losing the quorum membership in etcd or rapidly reducing capacity for the services running on the cluster.


In order to meet everyone's needs, there are four update strategies that we have developed based on feedback during our alpha period.It's important to note that updates are always downloaded to the passive partition when they become available.A reboot is the last step of the update, where the active and passive partitions are swapped (rollback instructions).These strategies control how that reboot occurs: strategy mandates that each machine acquire and hold a reboot lock before it is allowed to reboot.

We believe that automatically updating the operating system is one of the best tools to achieve this goal.

We realize that each Core OS cluster has a unique tolerance for risk and the operational needs of your applications are complex.



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