Updating maps on garmin c330

Ignore additional user input for 1/10th of a second after a page transition.

Correct saved settings so that they are always remembered after a soft reset.

I tried this and swapped the North American database for a Europe database, then did it again for Africa.

Here's what I found: The Waterways & Lights CD allows you to install a special program which lets you update the internal city/marine database in a GPS48 connected to your PC.

Waypoint symbols (16 selectable) Longer battery life with hardware change Delete WPT by symbol (Useful for Trackback deletion) Average Speed Maximum Speed Trip Time Elapsed Time (Check battery life) Zoom Keys Flashing track log display at scales of 5 (maybe of 2 or less) Three levels of backlighting City databases (one of seven) Selectable NMEA baud and Version now back Sunrise/set errors at high latitudes fixed More zoom levels to 500 miles Easier to cancel GOTO Ability to set Alarms to "off" or user-defined distance On Map Page, Pan allowed in eight directions rather than only four You can set alarms for CDI (cross track) error Longer battery life with hardware change Battery drain-with-external-power fixed Add MGRS grids Proximity and Configuration data not downloadable Three levels of backlighting Only one version of NMEA/baud available Displays full 1024 trackpoints Corrected problem with displaying maps which are along the 180 degree longitude border Modified the arrival alarm to give approach notification at intermediate route waypoints when set to "On" Only display copyright page when unit contains maps with non-Garmin copyrights Adjusted times recorded in track points by applying leap seconds Corrected problem with displaying the spell-n-find city name and city size Changed map display to only display map borders when at 20mi/30km zoom scale or above to lessen clutter Changed geo point airport search to include all types of airports Corrected display problem with sunrise/sunset times for areas where the sun does not rise/set Added additional copyright page to display copyright strings for the basemap and supplemental maps Added characters to fonts to display foreign city strings Added 3 new user waypoint symbols Improved edge of map detection for supplemental maps Switches maps when data stops instead of using rectangular box Modified DGPS warnings to be friendlier.


I checked this by using the find city function and looking at the lists, as well as by zooming and panning around the screen a bit.

The cities/towns get swapped as well, not just the navaids.



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