Updating metal gear online


• Cameras now follow the direction in which players are facing while standing.

• Joining ongoing matches will not garner any rank updates.

Players who had earlier purchased a copy of the expansion have unlimited attempts to try out the new mode while those who haven't will receive 10 tickets per week to play the game mode.

These tickets will not carry over the following Tuesday maintenance as the counter will reset to another set of 10 tickets, even if a few tickets are still left from the preceding week.

Players who did not purchase a copy of the downloadable content (DLC) can also try out matches on exclusive maps for a limited set number of times "Close Quarters Combat" (CQC) uses different restrictions: "Time to Stun with CQC Restrain" is the amount of time lapsed before stunning a "restrained enemy;" "CQC Escape Offset" is the time needed to escape a CQC hold, the largest being the fastest; and lastly, "Interrogation Success Duration" measures how quickly classes can successfully interrogate an enemy.

"Setting and Throwing Actions" are parameters followed by actions that either set or throw a weapon: "Weapon Set Time Offset" times how players can quickly set a C4 or mine with the largest values being the fastest; "Throw Time Offset" dictates the speed a player can throw weapons; and lastly, "Throw Speed Offset" measures the distance.



( The complete list of updates includes the "Survival" mode, "Stats Display," "Voice Pitch," random background music (BGM), and balance adjustments, among many others.The new "Survival" mode will include matches that employ two teams of six players, each battling it out for a winning streak of five or more rounds to earn special rewards.



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    Usualmente se requieren 5 ó más sesiones, aunque muchos tatuajes desaparecen con solo tres.

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    You may find that you cannot yet download and use the latest version on the list below.

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    Playfon (Vodafone, Orange, O2, T-MOBILE, TRE, E-Plus, Telia Sonera), (UMC, Kyivstar, Life), (Velcom), (Magti Com, Geo Cell) (, ) .

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