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Firmware version 6.0 has been released and introduces a vastly improved GUI for all current Series 3 routers.Cradlepoint has created new Knowledge Base articles with updated screen shots and instructions for the new GUI layout.

So while each modem by itself can only have one firmware version, the AER 2100 can support two integrated modems - on distinct carriers- simultaneously.

Modem Firmware Click here go back to downloads categories NB9W firmware NB9W-C211-S306TPG-C05_R07Description: The new firmware NB9W-C211-S306TPG-C05_R07 adds a distinctive Vo IP dialtone and TPG's IPTV settings.

Upgrading the modem firmware regularly is important to keep a secure and reliable internet connection.

This can be done manually or through ECM, this document focuses on manual upgrade.

During the upgrade process the modem will restart: Although a single Cradlepoint modem may have two SIM card slots (e.g., IBR1100 integrated modem), it is one modem module and can only have one modem firmware version, and therefore only one carrier at a time.The exception is that the AER 2100 could have two distinct integrated MC400 modems, each with two SIM slots.



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