Updating my maintenance program continually

Tip: Check if you’re running the latest version - Select your product and check the latest release details Maintenance enables your Symantec product to constantly perform, evolve and adapt: critical security intelligence and innovative updates protect you and your investment, while round-the-clock technical assistance gives you peace of mind: Your entitlement to access these Maintenance benefits ends on expiry date and must be renewed for continued access*. Learn more Note: Effective 9th May 2016, Symantec is discontinuing its 30 day grace period (Japan, 3rd October 2016).

Symantec is taking this step to align its renewal policy with its security strategy.

From this date, you must renew prior to expiry date to remain protected and avoid higher renewal costs and penalties. *You must be properly licensed per your Service Agreement in order to access your service and Maintenance benefits.


It is important that the appropriate recipient(s) receive Version Upgrade notifications so email addresses should be valid and up to date.To update your contact information, please contact Symantec Customer Care or find out How to Add or Change Named Technical Contacts.Upon a major release of a new software version, Symantec notifies its eligible customers by email.The notification provides instructions on how to access the pending upgrade opportunity.

"Current" means that the Maintenance term has not lapsed or been terminated, and the Maintenance entitlement is in effect.The Maintenance which protects your perpetual software is for a finite term (usually one year) and must be renewed to ensure continued access to your entitlements including version upgrades, critical content updates, product updates and technical support. Enterprise customers who have perpetually licensed products with current Maintenance are entitled to avail of Software Version Upgrades for each qualified product at no extra cost.



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