Updating nohost the hostname specified does not exist

This service is called by the Dyn DNS client, it validates the input and calls "nsupdate" to finally update the DNS with the new data.Its configuration is rather simple, the user database is stored in Passwords are bcrypt'ed.Additionally, each user has a list of hosts, which they can modify (so users can update multiple hosts, and a host can be updated by multiple users).After you submit an update using our update protocol the following status code(s) will be returned. The client must interpret the status codes and act accordingly, providing the end user with some useful information. The client should only schedule future updates when it receives a "Success" return code.


The most common errors are bad user input, such as misspellings and incorrect passwords.

If the error return code requires No-IP intervention your client should tell the user to contact our support team.

The update client must not continue sending updates or use our IP detection system if it receives an error return code.

Your client should instead notify the user of the problem have them attempt to correct it before trying again.

You can create multiple users and assign host names for each user.

To be able to dynamically update the BIND DNS server, a DNS key must be generated with the command: Remember to change access rights so BIND is able to write to this file.



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