Updating old oak cupboards

He did agree to let me paint the trim (around doors, baseboards, etc.) white to match the rest of the house. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, think less expensive cosmetic fixes as opposed to major overhauls/purchases.

Oh, and my husband is an electrician, so maybe some creative lighting ideas?

We don't have a huge budget and will not be able to replace the countertops right away because the flooring is priority.

I'm thinking a muted blue on the walls and thick-striped black and white rug for a more modern look.

He's given me complete decorative freedom over the rest of the house, so it's only fair to comply with this one hideous wish.

So, I'm left to try to decorate around the cabinets.

(the decorations in the picture are the previous owners, but the black appliances will be staying).

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I have had at least 25 conversations with him about the “precious” oak in his home.I tell her what I would do and it always begins with, “I would change the oak.” My FIL just rolls his eyes because he loves it.



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