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Heimdall One-Click is based on binaries from another Open-Source project, called Heimdall by XDA member Benjamin Dobell. -- As long as you have Java installed On Linux and Mac you are up and running.

About One-Click Un Brick This Software: Image captured on Ubuntu 11.04: This software is completely safe. I wanted to release this to work out any cross-platform difficulties which may be encountered before I release Heimdall One-Click. Copy One to your Desktop-- or any other folder on your computer, It won't work on a network share. For some versions of Windows as a work around to UAC (User Access Control, the annoying popups), a executable called "One Click Loader.exe" has been deployed to the same folder as One

Originally Posted by Fate-Silver It works with all softbricked condition basically. Is it still able to boot into CWM(Recovery Mode) or Download Mode.

If it's still able to go back into Download Mode, you don't need this software.

just in case you lick your battery and need warranty replacement The Galaxy S Hack Pack--A compilation of resources for Galaxy S Phones.

I wanted to write some software which will help the user to understand what they are doing.. Heimdall One-Click is not yet finished, but the Unbrick is complete.

I checked the roommates PC, he doesn't have anything either,cept Viber (desktop version) for calls and messages and whatnot.

It is important that you do not rename One until after runnning One Click 3.

right click One Click and select "Run as Administrator" -- Setup should be run-of-the-mill.

Background I've been working on stopping the bricking problem on our phones for a while now. --superhuman soldering skills no longer required for JTAG Developing methods to recover bricks without JTAG - I keep this updated with current information as it develops. --this will give you some resistor values to try Altered water damage indicators --um...

If that doesn't work: Try a "301k Factory Mode jig"... t=1236273 (if available on your platform) If you require additional help, send me a private message, we can work something out.


Do you have any idea how can I have 300+ms lagspikes on a 75Mb connection, while my roommates watches youtube? I'm 100% sure that I have no unknown background apps running while playing the game.



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