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My criticism isn't in asking - none of us would learn anything without asking.My criticism is that you haven't asked your question correctly in the context of this site.Users are reporting that they are unable to export reports to Excel after updating to Maintenance Release 5 for Quick Books 2014 or Enterprise 14.When they click the Export button they are not seeing the export to Excel option appear for some reports.Regard I've added more specific details to my question?" - It's not a bad question per se - just far too broad a question and not specific enough to a particular topic or issue to be answered on this [email protected] Man No my apologises I've read your link and completely understand what you were trying to say, it makes sense.I did initally have explanatory screenshots which I wanted to attached however my reputation isn't high enough.This isn't a free coding site, this is to help those having problems with programming languages.



Endless Googling has lead no where, and if somebody in this fantastic community can shed some light or point in the correct direction where I can learn how to do this.

I'm always assisting and helping people in areas where i can help- I've never BLINDLY accused anyone of wanting free coding, based on just asking a question.

If you follow the link in my first comment you will see that this site is specifically based around answering questions based around functioning code - as there is no actual code in your question and no example data/scenario then it is off-topic for this site as it is simply far too broad and not about a specific programming problem.

To add a little context, your question is a bit like asking a group of stunt pilots "How do I make the plane move off the ground?


While some users are reporting that the problem is transient, it seems to be common when attempting to export transaction journals or aging reports; however you may experience it with other reports, off-n-on.Intuit technical support is aware of this problem and has issued a support article that outlines the following steps for a 'patch': Perform a ULIP (Ultra Light Patch) in Quick Books 2014: (Support article Note: If the steps do not resolve the export to Excel issue, you will need to reboot your computer to ensure QB is not running in the background, then try again.)* If you are experiencing this 'new bug' resulting from the R5 maintenance release, you probably want to go ahead and incorporate this Ultra Light Patch into your version.



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