Updating sky software

There's some very good news if you're a lover of all things Sky.

However, she could not provide a release date as Sky wanted to "make sure it's been thoroughly tested" before it was rolled out.

Another common issue for people was that the picture appeared blurry, Ms Way said.

Smaller font I can't read, terrible colours and so so SLOW to react." He said it "might be time to look at Netflix or others".

Other people began re-posting his complaint to Sky, while many more offered their own complaints.

Jessica said: "The new update/upgrade is a giant headache! Can't turn it up or down, change channel correctly or really do anything! Its ugly, slow and weird."Sky spokeswoman Kirsty Way said tonight that a bug fix for the new software was in the making.


Most of the more than 2500 comments written below his post agreed with him.Stewart Bryan wrote: "Your new upgrade to My Sky is awful - a real backwards step.If you're trying to get us to switch to another company, bravo ... It's lagging, there are delays, I can't turn the sound off when I hit guide or planner, I can't end watching a recorded programme by pressing planner any more and deleting it straight away. "I completely get that when you're used to something for years and years and when things change it's quite confronting; it can be quite a shock and frustrating," Ms Way said."Yes, it's a change, but it's the basis for our future, so bug fixes and enhancements and new features will be an ongoing thing." However, the company had noticed that a "common thread" in the complaints about the new system was that some people found it difficult to read, Ms Way said. We're in the new year now, so that will be the first thing we address, that readability." It was "well in progress now", after the company first saw the font-size issue in complaints last year.

Thousands of disgruntled customers have complained about Sky Television's "dumb" new software upgrade.

Angry and frustrated clients have taken to the network's Facebook page to condemn the update as slow and causing the picture to lag. One man's post garnered 16,000 "likes" within hours.



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