Updating stairs updating data in excel automatically


Or build a niche into a windowed wall on a wide stair landing or in an upstairs hallway.Tip: Got space under a window near the front entry?A long run of surface-mount, low bookcases transforms the space at the top of the stairs into a library.The second-to-last one on the right (not shown) is set on casters, so it can be pulled out to access crawl-space storage.

A spiral staircase is a compact alternative to a traditional one.

Build in a flip-top bench and you've got room to stash extra scarves, gloves, and other coat-closet overflow.

How to do it: Refinish the treads and paint the risers white—or get creative and paint a runner-like pattern.

Estimated cost: 1 gallon of white paint, sandpaper, wood putty to fill tack holes, 1 quart of stain, and 1 gallon of clear polyurethane, about ; Lowe's Install a compact spiral staircase to conserve floor space.

Here, a little window seat instantly turns what might have been dead space into a secret hideaway any kid would love.

For a similar effect, exploit under-the-eaves space in an attic for a laid-back homework zone.



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