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It takes them longer to release these specialist firmwares. Any new user-upgradable firmwares will be posted by Nokia at Version 11.0.026 RM-159 Official Nokia changelog Telephony: - Improvements to packet data establishment after changing to roaming - Improvements to number grouping - Improvements to missing calls and new message notifications - Audio routing improvements - Say callers name volume increased to match ringing tone volume - Call reliability improvements - SIM / USAT - SIM certificatessupported - SIM card registration improvements Camera: - Video recording starts faster - Video stabilization improvements - Exposure improved - Lens shading improved - Video sharpness and noise improved - Capture tone synchronised with capture moment Browser: - Improvements in image visibility in browser - General stability improvements for browser - Refreshing web page functionality improvements - ROP memory handling improvements - Browser out of memory improvements General: - Out of memory improvements - VOIP - Improvements to automatic redial - WLAN stability improvements - Product name included for USB mass storage mode - Improvements to SD backup - Stability improvements to Blue Tooth connectivity - Localization improvements - Screen saver default value changed from 5min to 1min - Chinese language typing improvements - Startup settings updated - USB stability improvements - General stability improvements - Multimedia menu stability improvements - Multimedia menu startup time improved - Maps stability improvements - Barcode reader icon changed Known fixes Memory management now much better Known problems Volume on some Bluetooth car kits is very low New problems (regressions) Multimedia key stops working if recurring alarms are set This firmware is available from Nokia at Version 19-06-07 RM-159 Official Nokia changelog Not yet known Known fixes Camera bug: sharpness stuck to hard is fixed Changes A-GPS (assisted GPS) now implemented Music playback continues after using voicedial Screensaver kicks in after 5 seconds (by defualy) Music volume seems increased Phone takes approx. * Default language not always read from SIM correctly. * WLAN wizard can’t always connect to secure WLAN network.

30 seconds longer to boot 3.5G now displayed when using HSDPA Known problems Bluetooth still doesn't work well with many car kits New problems (regressions) Not yet known This firmware is available from Nokia at Version 19-06-07 RM-159 (region variant of Official Nokia changelog Not yet known Known fixes Same as Changes Same as It has been reported that the "missing keypress" bug is NOT present in this variant Known problems Bluetooth still doesn't work well with many car kits New problems (regressions) Not yet known This firmware is available from Nokia at Version 13-11-07 RM-159 Nokia N95 (01.01) Official Nokia changelog Changes/improvements made from MCU SW v12.0.013 to v 20.0.015: * General stability improved. * Cannot edit or delete access points if lot of WLAN access points created.

Not all fimware versions listed will be available for your phone, depending on what the product code of your phone is. You should update the firmware on your phone to get the latest bug fixes and new features being offered by Nokia for your phone.

In general, you should always use the latest firmware available for your phone.

Why is Nokia Software updater not showing me the latest firmware verion you have listed here?

* Real One Player may show invalid default name for some downloaded videos.

* Streaming aspect ratio is not correct if QTSS server doesn’t provide Framesize tag in SDP. * Connection dropped easily in crowded WLAN environment.

* Cannot pre-configure push email application in variant. Browser * Dropdown list not opened if size is defined.



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