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Still other states have tolling provisions, where the SOL is stopped in certain cases, such as when a debtor leaves the state. Failing to obtain a bankruptcy dischargeafter filing can hurt. This is a tricky business, since in many cases you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t.Appendix A not only lists standard Debt Collection Statutes of Limitation by State, but also addresses many of these peculiarities. And yet there are some ways around these extension pitfalls, explained in Best Credit: How to Win the Credit Game.If you’re served a summons under those circumstances, don’t ignore it.File an answer (or show up to court if it’s small claims) and present proof that the period for collection on the debt has expired. Running Time Reset, Signed Under Seal, and other Anomalies While state laws specify time frames for collection actions, some can actually be reset in some states.Some states may even have additional categories of debts that can be collected indefinitely.For examples of variations in collection statutes, one doesn’t have to look very hard.The debt collection statute of limitation can be Some of these peculiarities are good, and some not so much.


A debt that's beyond the statute of limitations is known as time-barred debt, and a creditor/collector may attempt to this debt anyway.If you're a do-it-yourselfer, then read my book, "Best Credit: How to Win the Credit Game." If you're in need of help or simply lack the time, then talk to Sky Blue Credit Repair.



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