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Validation is the process of determining the degree to which a simulation model and its associated data are an accurate representation of the real world from the perspective of the intended uses of the model [1].

MITRE SE Roles & Expectations: The MITRE systems engineer (SE) is expected to have a sound knowledge of the system being modeled and the software process for developing the model in order to provide effective technical guidance in the design and execution of plans to verify and/or validate a model, or to provide specialized technical expertise in the collection and analysis of varying types of data required to do so.

Here, the development of a simulation model that has undergone a formal verification, validation, and accreditation (VV&A) process is not only desirable, but essential.

Consider the following definitions for the phases of the simulation model VV&A process [1]: Verification answers the question "Have we built the model right?

Modeling and simulation (M&S) can be an important element in the acquisition of systems within government organizations.



M&S allows decision makers and stakeholders to quantify certain aspects of performance during the system development phase, and to provide supplementary data during the testing phase of system acquisition.

More important, M&S may play a key role in the qualification ("sell-off”) of a system as a means to reduce the cost of a verification test program.


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