Validating that the servers contain only signed drivers tips dating italian man

SVVP is not a logo program, rather a reference that companies and customers will be able to use in conjunction with their validated solutions.

The virtualization vendor may validate configurations that use para-virtualization drivers, i.e.The list of validated configurations (Products) will enable customers to identify what configurations have been tested and validated to work with Windows Server, similar to a support matrix for hardware devices.A validated configuration consists of: SVVP only validates machine virtualization solutions and currently supported versions of Windows Server on server hardware Certified for Windows Server 2008 R2 or later operating system versions.Support for SPLA customers is provided under the SPLA agreement by the SPLA hoster.


Customers can benefit from the support provided by Microsoft as part of the regular Windows Server technical support framework when running currently supported versions of Windows Server on validated machine virtualization solutions running on server hardware Certified for Windows Server , with the same validated processor architecture and not exceeding the maximum virtual memory or processors validated.drivers that run within the Windows VM and present an interface that is similar to, but not necessarily identical to, the actual physical hardware of the system.


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