Validating xml using dtd

For example: The names of the elements and attributes and their order in the hierarchy (among other things) form the XML markup language used by the document.This language can be defined by the document author or it can be inferred from the document's structure.Among other things, the grammar for notations and entities is omitted.For a complete definition of the DTD grammar, see the XML specification or the annotated XML specification.NOTE: The examples below often redefine the same element.This is for simplicity only; it is an error to define an element more than once in an actual DTD.An XML document primarily consists of a strictly nested hierarchy of elements with a single root.Elements can contain character data, child elements, or a mixture of both. Child character data and child elements are strictly ordered; attributes are not.


In the example shown above, the language contains three elements: Book, Title, and Chapter.The Book element contains a single Title element and one or more Chapter elements.


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