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She was also ranked among the top 100 Sexiest and Most Beautiful Women of 20.

She is a well-to-do lady due to the decent success she has enjoyed in her showbiz career.

She made other Television appearances in the programs Still Standing, The Brothers Garcia, Drake and Josh, Quintuplets and The Suite Life of Jack and Cody.

Apart from acting she also released her own album V on September 2006 which was a huge hit and got place in top twenty five in Billboard 200.

In the meantime, she's looking forward to seeing other designer's shows and hanging with her friends during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

; He’s dated three girls he starred in movies with!

Her lucrative endorsement deals with cosmetic brand Neutrogena, Mark Ecko are valued at millions of dollars.

The stylish actress and singer tells me she's already working on her very own clothing line."I'm in the process," she told me last night while hosting Pop Chips' Playland party for Fashion's Night Out. "I'm going to a fashion show tomorrow where they bring in a bunch of different Korean designers and showcase all of them, so I think that's going to be really interesting," Vanessa shared.

On July 2008 she released her second album "Identified".She was ranked in top 20 in the Forbes list of High Earners under 30.


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