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Fatigue is indeed a leading reason for couples to have less sex.Turn off the TV or computer at an agreed upon time.If your career or housework or childcare continue to take precedence over your sex life, it's no wonder you are too exhausted for sex.Recently, the New York Times reported on an interesting study by the National Sleep Foundation in an article titled "Study Finds Many Are Too Tired for Sex", which suggested that, "One in four Americans married or living with someone say they are so sleep-deprived that they are often too tired to have sex." Many of my clients in my San Francisco private practice and couples in our Marriage Prep 101 workshops shared these sleep foundation findings with us.They were relieved to learn that other couples also say that they are too tired for sex.However, many of them also asked me for tips to help!Here are 10 tips for couples whom are too tired to have sex.

The other half is not at all interested in sex until after they start kissing and fooling around.Like physical exercise, if we start with 10 minutes, we often stick around and get more into it.If you are not in the mood or feel too tired for sex, give it 10 minutes.According to research, half of the population feels amorous or horny and wants to initiate sex.

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