Videochat rullet in germany reboot problems after updating symantec antivirus

Since the site is in German it is harder to use for English speaking users and we really wish they would come out with an English version of the site.

The reason it was included on is because of the ease of use of the site coupled with a cool original design which makes the site a top contender in the random video chat industry.

we have no idea why someone would come and change the site when it was doing well, we guess the new owners have a different take on things.

If you know of any great alternatives please contact us and give us some ideas for a replacement.

Chatpig launched in March of 2011 and is German chat roulette alternative site which has gotten pretty popular especially in Germany.

Update 4-22-2013: It seems that Chatpig was bought out and is no longer a Chatroulette alternative site so we will be removing it from our top 20 list once a replacement that is worthy of our list is found.

It does not have as many users as some of the other sites listed here but has the potential to grow very fast.

The only issue we see with this site is that there are not many moderators and there are spam ads everywhere because of this.

The only other site in this list that has as good of a design and ease of use would be Stream Berry.

Feature wise it is almost exactly the same as the original chat roulette except it looks and feels much cooler!

Welcome to our blog Chatroulette and alternative; here you can try our free chatroulette for different country; look about news of this random chat over the world. Wanna see more German girls or boy and you wanna stop see too many people from other country?


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