Vikki mongeon dating

Twelve lesbian females and twelve heterosexual males will do all that it takes to sand out amongst the competition.

In this sexy battle for love, both men and women fight to win the hearts of Rikki and Vikki.

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The beautiful twins have both experienced a roller coaster ride in search for the perfect relationship.

These men and women are going to be pushed to their very limits.

Not only are they fighting to prove their love to the beautiful twins, but they are also forced to live with each other wile doing so.

A number of romantic challenges are held to test the contestants, pitting the men against the women.

These tests are designed to bring out the true colors of the contestants, while the twins analyze and make judgments based on the results.

With such a variety, the twins are sure to find the one that will set their hearts on fire.

Working together as a team, Rikki and Vikki will put the contestants to the test.


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