Vinny and ramona still dating ps3 media library not updating

JWOWW also promised a trip to the club XO for some “sick Miami Vices,” which are awful-sounding cocktails made from rum and piña colada and daquiri mixes, but are also somehow our favorite part of this episode, so we’ll award sick Miami Vices to whoever was the most entertaining.

Everyone really pulled their weight, so there are plenty of SMVs for all.

Oh, also, of course an extra SMV for almost telling filmmaker Snooki she masturbates before going to the club. But you earned your SMVs by palling around with soul mate JWOWW on the couch in the club, which made us so happy we felt ashamed.

"So, Sam, we're going to the club tonight, so what do you do to get ready? Vinny: Two Sick Miami Vices Vinny reconnects with Ramona, the girl who stood him up for the double date, and he takes her on a Sprite, Diet Coke, and vodka picnic.


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