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Julie Spira's clientele swells during the online dating market's "peak season" between New Year's Day and Valentine's Day.Spira is an online dating expert, and she sees her greatest number of signups—singles buying her round-the-clock expert advice and guidance—in the 40 million-member singles' online dating market during this period.Spira coaches single men and women who turn to online dating once the New Year approaches, hoping to turn a new leaf.Data analysts at dating website say the site saw approximately a 7 percent increase in communication on the site year over year in 2014, though the "peak season" that ends around Feb. Security threats from dating apps Caleb Barlow, IBM security vice president, discusses vulnerabilities smartphone users are exposed to which allows cyber thieves to pry into their private information.IAC,'s parent company, reported a mobile registration increase of over 100 percent year over year, in their fourth-quarter earnings."Most of my colleagues are typically swamped at this time, still dealing with singles who made a New Year's resolution to meet the man or women of their dreams," said Carmelia Ray, a Toronto-based online dating and matchmaking expert."This is a very busy time for people to open up their wallets," said Spira, who founded and coaches singles on how to find love online.


Ray charges her clients from 0 for an online dating makeover consultation to ,000 for a more intense online profile makeover, which includes image consultation and professional photography for an online dater's profile.Ray, who typically works with about 10 clients at any given time, charges much more for matchmaking, charging ,500 to ,000 or more.But the price of online romance counsel is not for the cheap date.Top 5 bachelor billionaires Spira charges 0 to ,500 for online dating coaching services, which include online profile critiques, advice for crafting email responses to online matches, and pre- and post-dating guidance.

Spira's clients can email, call and text message her for advice.

"The average dater spends about on a date, and I know for a fact that the period between Christmas and Valentine's Day is where we see the biggest surge of the year," she said.


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