Voice interface must be shutdown before updating

Here are some questions that would help us get back to you quickly: For Example: If you see “CN=First Last, CN=Users, DC=company, DC=local”, your Base DN in Live Action should be “cn=Users,dc=company,dc=local”.Map user to cn, and the Base DN is everything in the dsquery output after “cn= With Active Directory LDAP, it is important to use the user’s Display Name, instead of the actual account name.This is to ensure that key items (for example – alerting, device settings, etc.) are properly handled.

We noticed strange cases in the past where the serial number of a device changes when the IOS is upgraded.

Please contact customer support at Action.com/support and we will try to resolve your problem.

The red bordered login name will not work, during the LDAP test; while the green bordered login name will work.

Back to top ^ You may have a total of ten active sessions connecting to a Live Action server at any time, but only one admin session.


You can verify this information by running the “dsquery user” command, or by looking at the account properties.

The Display Name will be the login credentials used for Live Action, when LDAP authentication is enabled.



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