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The Pope was visiting Benin at the time, so it was an interesting case of two quite different religions living side by side in harmony.Benin is not the only African country with a healthy respect/belief/interest in the workings of black magic or "traditional beliefs".Witchdoctors can specialize in rituals and amulets used to harm another person.

In the past I've had numerous complaints about adding a paragraph about witchcraft in my piece on "Soccer in Africa".Mostly from middle class Africans who hate the way "black magic" is portrayed in the media.But if you read another BBC piece about Voodoo in Benin, you'll see there is nothing to be ashamed about.If you have constant headaches, you may get a herb to dull the pain, but also some advice on what might be causing the headaches, perhaps an argument with your neighbour or spouse.

I visited a witchdoctor in Ghana last year in a small village on the banks of the Volta river.We knew we'd arrived at the right hut, because there were several chicken heads impaled on spears from recent sacrifices.



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