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The pro (a nice guy and eventually a friend of mine) watched my swing and asked why I started my swing with a forward press...I have yet to put the results into action but I am playing tomorrow.


I recently watched your video on the wrist break went to the driving range had very good success with it. I recently went out played 9 holes on (2) different courses shot 40's on both courses.I have never shot 40 in my life have shot it back to back. To those of you who want to improve your game I highly recommend these instructions.I really liked the idea of turning the shoulders after the backward wrist cock.I used to swing my arms upwards but always found the turn difficult and could never turn consistently. Arif .edu] Sent: 30 April 2008 To: Andy Anderson Subject: Feedback from Michigan Andy, I finally had a chance to read the book, then view the DVD.


I was very skeptical but after reading the first four chapters I was convinced these ideas were missing from my game and I have been playing for 30+ years. Thanks, John .com] Sent: 30 April 2008 To: Andy Anderson Subject: The golf book Andy, I just received the book in the mail two days ago and tried the first two moves.

Without trying very hard I was able to hit the ball with little effort and it felt solid and also straight providing I concentrated hitting the back of the ball.



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