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In its 10 years of operation it has served […] Read More NEWS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PC CAPITAL ANNOUNCED AS WINNER OF THE 8th ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL M&A AWARDS Mexico City, April 14th, 2016 – PC Capital was named a winner of the “Corporate and Strategic Acquisition of the Year” at the 8th Annual International M&A Awards sponsored by The M&A Advisor. (“Cesar Pizza” or the “Company”) in exchange for 49.0% of the Company’s shares. Te Creemos has been operating since 2005, providing comprehensive financial services in the popular sector, contributing to the sustainability of their costumers and communities.With this new partner, Clairfield strengthens its existing presence in the Americas and extends cov­erage throughout this vibrant area.PC Capital, founded by Pablo Coballasi and Pablo Cervantes in 2008, offers a range of corporate finance and M&A advisory services, and has extensive experience […] Read More Geneva, February 11, 2014 Clairfield International has further expanded in the United States with the addition of the top midmarket investment bank Greene Holcomb & Fisher LLC (GHF). P., made its first securitization in the Mexican Stock Market (BMV).As a result of the transaction Vtufin gained access to a national credit card network and secured continuity of its private credit business. Para leer el articulo favor de dar click en el siguiente link: Capital privado […] Read More PC Capital is one of Mexico’s leading private equity firms. (“Grupo Filoa” o “La Compañía”) a cambio del 30.0% de las acciones de la Compañía. TTR_Informe_Mensual_Mexico_May_2016 Read More Mexico, D. This acquisition is First Cash’s largest and most significant acquisition in Latin America to date. Sociedad Financiera Popular (“Te Creemos” or the “Company”).

PC Capital acted […] Read More Press Release Mexico City, December 23, 2015 – Mexico Development Partners announced today that it has completed an investment in Te Creemos Holding, S. Founded in 2008, ranks 1st in the Mexican M&A middle market, and has received numerous awards.KITE Invest spoke with PC Capital’s Managing Partner, Pablo Coballasi, about Mexico’s private equity industry, its future, and ways in which it will enhance as a result of the reforms […] Read More Press Release Mexico City, Mexico, December 17, 2014 – PC Capital Management, a specialized Mexican growth equity investment firm, announced today the initial closing of its Mexico Development Fund I, L. The fund will target US to US MM investments in growth equity and mezzanine opportunities in Mexico with an emphasis on companies operating […] Read More PC Capital has joined Clairfield as its ex­clusive partner in Mexico.Cuidad de México, Junio 7, 2016 – Mexico Development Partners anunció que completó una inversión en Grupo Filoa S. F., June 01, 2016 – PC Capital has been ranked as the number one advisory firm in terms of number of deals closed in Mexico as of June 1, 2016 according to TTR – Transactional Track Record. PC Capital was named a winner for the Financial Services Deal of the Year. The acquisition is one of the first Private Equity Secondary […] Read More Las firmas de capital privado son un motor de despegue para empresas con apetito de grandes ligas. Grupo Filoa es una compañía mexicana que ofrece una gama de servicios de banquetes a universidades y corporativos: desde preparación fuera de sitio y entrega hasta […] Read More Mexico, D. […] Read More NEWS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PC CAPITAL ANNOUNCED AS WINNER OF THE 10th ANNUAL M&A ADVISOR TURNAROUND AWARDS New York, NY, December 9th, 2015 – The M&A Advisor announced the winners of the 10th Annual M&A Advisor Turnaround Awards on Tuesday, December 8th. With over 1,600 employees and a loan portfolio exceeding billion pesos, Te Creemos […] Read More Deja a diversified Mexican family offices with investments in Real Estate, Private Equity and the Pharmaceutical Industry, acquired the interest of AWA Holdings in “Office Fund I”, a private equity fund managed by Tresalia Real Estate to develop high end office buildings in Mexico City.

Read More June 22, 2016 Transactional Track Record – TTR, a premium online service that helps transactions professionals grow their business in Spanish and Portuguese speaking regions globally by delivering exclusive forward-looking intelligence and business opportunites, interviewed PC Capital’s partner, Luis Coria, for its May 2016 report. Through a network of 8 campuses, Universidad Internacional is a […] Read More Press Release Mexico City, January 7, 2016 – Mexico Development Partners announced today that it has completed an investment in Cesar’s Pizza S. (Nasdaq: FCFS), the global leader in the retail pawn industry, has acquired Maxi Prenda, which operates 211 full-service pawn stores in Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador, under the brand names Empeños Mexicanos and Realice Empeños. P., is looking to increase its porfolio by 200%, with a securitization close to 2,000 million pesos. PC Capital won the award for its […] Read More Merrill Corporation, the leading provider of audit management platform for mergers and acquisitions Merrill Data Site, together with TTR publish the Monthly Report of Mergers and Acquisitions in Mexico, February 2016 in which First Cash aquisition of Maxi Prenda is selected as “Transaction of the Month” Full Report Read More Press Release Guadalajara, March, 2016 – Mexico Development Partners announced that it has formed a Strategic Alliance with UI Universidad Internacional de Estudios Superiores A. (“Universidad Internacional” or the “Company”) to improve quality of its facilities and curriculum, strengthen its ties with the business community, and expand its network of campuses. Cesar Pizza is a Mexican company involved in franchising the largest international carry-out pizza chain in the […] Read More First Cash Financial Services, Inc.


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