This information and the following articles are intended as an educational resource on the use of webcams as well a brief history on their development and a guide to online dating and meeting people live.It is intended for use by all ages and acts only as a guide on the following general subjects.Communication via the internet using the webcam format or "webcam arena platform", had come to such a point that one would be hard pressed not to find live webcams broadcasting from every major city in the world covering every imaginable topic or news event.The regular internet user began setting up their own web cams in their own homes and broadcasting live feeds, something previously only seen on news channels and being used by companies with the technological and financial resources to use the streaming video format..


Safety, tips and home use of web cam software provided with computers and their use in live webcam chat and online dating or chat sites. In approximately 1996 webcam software and technology was being born.

At this early stage the software being used was in it's earliest stages of development.


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    Video chat from has been around for a long time, since 2005 in fact.

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