Just last month, another VF factory caught fire, injuring and hospitalizing several workers.


Allegations of sexist practices in promotions have surfaced more frequently.Started in 1938 by a group of environmentalists, it was structured as a co-op so that members could be involved and invested in the practices and decisions of the company.But in recent years, REI has slowly begun to change.And most recently, after once vowing that it would not carry clothing made in sweatshops, REI has rejected calls from students, workers, and its own members to stop selling clothes produced in sweatshops by The North Face, a brand owned by the world’s largest producer of branded apparel, VF Corporation.

The North Face/VF has been embroiled in international controversy over its serial record of human rights abuses.Any of the 91 factories where they produce could easily become the next Rana Plaza.


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