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Responsibilities include workbook, rough production layout, lighting and cleanup background.

Role continued as lead over a smaller overseas art department preparing 2-D set and prop designs for the 3-D modeling and texturing team.

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In addition, responsibilities included overseeing the artistic direction of all 3D, low-res proxies, hi-res modeling and the texturing of sets, characters and props to ensure assets met the vision and expectations for the film.Responsibilities include directly or indirectly supervising the design of 2-D location, prop and character designs for 3-D modeling interpretation.Additional responsibilities include overseeing concept sketches, orthographic drawings and texture packets for overseas production use.In addition to visual development, responsibilities include designing 2-D designs and orthographic drawings for 3-D production animation.

Supervising in-house and freelance 2-D artists and art directed 3-D proxies and hi-res environment, character and prop assets.Responsibilities included spearheading and designing the project style guide. Visual development, Workbook, Pre-production layout, prop design, implemented and oversaw CGI to working 2-D production layouts. Additional responsibilities included contributions in departmental restructuring, designing and initiating interdepartmental training classes.


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