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In this week's Sex Talk Realness, speaks with three twentysomething men about their (very different) experiences with Tinder. Not to mention, everyone's basically swiped left on being patient.Read what WOMEN really think about using Tinder here. Man C: Tinder is a crazy-powerful tool with amazing connective power.If you use it with the goal of meeting someone new and having a new experience, I think it is a great tool.

There's an endless supply of cool and attractive girls here. Man A: I like to meet both men and women — it depends on my mood. Man C: I use it to meet women, but I've only actually met people while traveling. Man C: I was sick of seeing the same people night after night when I am living in a city where there's the highest density of attractive women anywhere in the world. Have you ever met up in person with someone you first encountered on Tinder? We didn't hook up, but we did make a really great connection and we still talk all the time, mostly via Facebook Messenger and Snapchat. I love seeing what she is doing in France and she loves seeing what I'm doing in NYC. Man C: I'm really analytical about who I swipe right.

Man B: At first I used it for the same reasons everyone else did — dating, aka hookups. Man C: I live in Brooklyn where I predominantly use it for entertainment. I moved to New York in July and right after that, my significant other broke up with me over a text message. Man B: It sounded titillating, so I wanted to take a peek and try my luck. I naively spent the entire time texting a match until there was nothing left to talk about, souring any reason to meet. One was a French girl who was studying in Aix en Provence, an old city in the South of France.

Has using an app like Tinder impacted your ability to approach people in person, for better or for worse? It has actually helped me find people to hook up with easily.

It is easier to just ask if they want to hook up on an app than in person. Tinder was certainly a confidence boost, but that has since wilted back to normal.

Yeah, we both find each other attractive, but once that mystery is stripped, people don't really feel the need to lead with their best foot forward. Man B: I used it for about four months at the beginning of last year. Then I tried again for a bit last fall until retiring it for good. Man A: I use Tinder about every other day, mostly when I get bored at night. Tinder caters to our most base sexual instincts: looks.



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