When is facebook updating to timeline


The News Feed, which will no longer simply show updates in chronological order, is combining the Most Recent and the Top Stories into one feed.Now, when a Facebook user logs in, the News Feed will provide that person with a summary of the top stories since they last visited the News Feed.After it is clicked, the story from the Ticker will appear in the Recent Stories section in the center of the screen, allowing easy interaction from the user.With the number of updates that Facebook has recently released, many people have been speculating that these new features were influenced by Google+.In addition to updating the News Feed, Facebook has released a real-time update feature named the Ticker.The Ticker, which appears in the upper right-hand of Facebook, instantly shows users what their friends are doing in real-time.However, when Keith Schacht, Facebook’s product manager, was asked if the new features were because of or influenced by Google+, he responded: After successfully founding and exiting an educational startup in 2009, I began helping companies with business development, search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO),...Facebook Timeline is a radical new profile page design that Facebook will launch around the end of September 2011.

To make the Top Stories easy to identify, Facebook marks them with a blue corner.

For users that log in frequently, Facebook will display more recent stories and photos will occupy more of that user’s feed.



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