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I think it definitely beats Ask (just my opinion) This is a site where you can post a question and anyone with a Yahoo! There are supposedly rules and guidelines set up, but the rules seem to only be applied to some questions and answers, but not others.

There is no consistency whatsoever in how the rules are enforced.

This creates a ridiculous back and forth environment on the part of the attention seeking "asker." It's supposed to be: ask a question, get an answer, not a chat room. didn't notice that that was one of their rules when they put in a comment feature where any user can write a comment below each answer.So it seems like every day is opposite day on Yahoo! Both trolls and attention seekers are free and clear to clutter up Yahoo!This site seems to be THE place of trolls and attention seekers.Trolls are those who just want to push people's buttons.

When this happens it means their question was reported.Some users blatantly insult members in their answers and others respond in the comment section saying that they have reported the answer, but the answer remains.



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