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Launched in 2003, White Label Dating® provides the technology behind over 25,000 dating sites, powering thousands of niche dating experiences around the world.

Many profiles are on this website and some of them are quite disgusting with personal details of men stating they like ‘t**s’, as an example.

If you wish to waste your money and your time this is the perfect website to use, if you wish to use a professional service then you should look elsewhere.

At the moment, we’re working on enhancing some of our reporting systems, so I catch up with our Business Intelligence team, before joining a stand-up meeting with our development team to check in on the status of a new feature for members they’re working on.

Having been with White Label Dating for over eight years, I took a break last year to go on maternity leave.

Fraud Committed by Global Personals, who also trade as Shropshire Star Dating and White Label Dating This company have not only failed to provide a refund in a valid time frame, but they continually lie when they state they need to reconfirm my bank details.

They are also providing a service showing profiles of people who no longer use the site.



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