Whitney port dating jared leto

One of Demi Moore's daughters appears to have forgotten her trousers, and someone invited an embarrassing dad - oh sorry David Hasslehoff, didn't realise that was you.

Then did we mention Fergie (Black Eyed Peas, not royal, though we wouldn't put it past her to be parting with Beatrice next to the main stage), Jared Leto, Emma Roberts, Lindsay Lohan, Usher, Whitney Port and Kellan Lutz? Rihanna tweeted some pictures of her getting ready for the festival, and has just been spotted watching David Guetta perform in a baseball cap (Rihanna not David).

Whitney Port was many things; beautiful, cool, fashionable, but she was never given the true credit she deserved. Perhaps the only person on TV who could out do Lauren Conrad in general coolness and stuff.

Without her we would never have had some of the most amazing moments of The Hills and Lauren probably would have been locked in a padded cell after the others drove her to insanity.

You could always count on Whitney to convey exactly what we were feeling. She barely knew Lauren and took half the flack for Heidi crashing the Teen Vogue party.

(Except they must be kind, loyal, super romantic but could also save us from a burning building. ) Every teenager in 2003 would have given their LYF to be in this pair.

She worked with stylist Lara Backmender to perfect her look for the big day."They married at sunset and it was so romantic! "I got his phone number and made up some excuse why I needed to reach him for something... He's not shy, but I know in his past with girls he had difficult making the first move.""And I know, because of our jobs—because I was the talent and he was the producer—he wasn't going to cross that line," she explained.Whitney and Tim officially began dating in early-2012 and were engaged in under two years.



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